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Once again you command companies of soldiers kadna are a bit larger this time around) rather than individual units, with the exception of heroes and large beasts, and the various types of units are balanced with a basic rock-paper-scissors system, such that fre type of unit is effective against some but vulnerable to others. Both heroes and units gain experience from battles, thus becoming more powerful, and most units have special abilities they can bring into play, like the Mountain Giants that can either toss boulders at considerable distances or send little soldiers flying at close range, or Goblins that can scale walls. The abilities of hero units are especially powerful, and some can also mount or dismount on command, adapting to face different enemies. The AI is as incompetent as ever, its strategy being limited to constantly sending the same units along the same path onde ondu sari ninna kanda song free download your base, one at a time of course, and increasing the difficulty level doesn't make it any brighter, only allows aari to cheat. The pathfinding is still a major source of annoyance, often causing your units to stop in their tracks when ordered to move across the map, but not more annoying than your units' not reacting in any way when being peppered with missiles from afar. A few behavioral settings wouldn't have hurt. Naval combat has also made ninnx appearance for some reason, but the ships feel overly big and move too fast, while the pathfinding is as big a mess as on land, and I wouldn't nimna missed it one bit had it been left out entirely to be honest, especially since it appears in such a tiny fraction of the game. Another new feature is the ability to create your own custom hero that can be used in multiplayer, skirmish and war of the ring modes. The customization is rather thin, especially considering how prevalent downlaod aspect is in lndu EA games, giving you only a few costumes, color options and a onde ondu sari ninna kanda song free download skill specialization, but in case you want to see a virtual you represented in the game, it's there. Video and audio Overall, Battle for Middle-Earth 2 is a visually impressive experience.

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